Our Journey
The journey of PiTangent is a long story filled with lots of ups and downs. The success and position
where we are standing now has lots of contribution from many important people that joined us and
become part of our family in this journey. Check out the full success story of PiTangent here.

Our story

How we came this far
2020 + 2021


Shifted to New Office

We shifted our whole operation base from Lake Town to Webel Tower 2, Sector 5. This office has a sitting capacity of more than 100. And thus our journey to success and growth continues…

2020 + 2021

Pandemic & Survival

New projects were difficult to get yet we continued and survived without any cost-cutting or taking other extreme measures thanks to the ongoing projects, client relationships & trust that we gained while helping our previous and existing clients during their project development.
Everything worked for us just like in pre-pandemic times. The only measure we have to take for everyone’s betterment is adapting a year-long Work from Home model. Certification In fact, we also bagged the prestigious CII certification in 2021.


Growth, Growth, and Growth

We expanded, and our employees, infrastructure, projects, and client base also grew. Various departments were formed and we started working as an enterprise-grade organization.
Also, there is the introduction of Advanced Level Project Management in our existing management operations.
We also become part of NASSCOM and received the ISO certification.


Shifted to our New Office (Lake Town)

As our team strength grew, we shifted to our new office which had a sitting capacity of 50 people. We upgraded our office infrastructure to support large-scale projects’ requirements and enhance security like the setup of VPN, Git, and Firewall.


Birth of PiTangent & Project Management

We are officially registered and known as PiTangent.


Shifted to our New Office (Near Airport)

Within a year we have gained growth of 200% and shifted to our New Office near the airport. The office has a sitting capacity of 15 people. At that place, the inception of a structural and organized company began. New departments are formed and more success is achieved. Next-Step Mobile Apps During mid-summer, Mr. Subhrasish Mukherjee joined and we started working on the mobile applications. His knowledge and skill to manage everything make him the best Full-Stack developer which helped us to bag our first mobile application development project within a few months.


Openweb Solutions (Now PiTangent) is founded

Initially, we begin our journey as a website development company with a passion for growth. Within a few months, we started bagging good projects thus beginning the journey of Pitanget’s Success. We ventured to New DOMAINS During mid-year, Mr. Sourav Mondal (now VP of Technology, PiTangent) joined and we started working on web applications. With his expertise and knowledge, we bagged our first big multi-tier web app development project within a few months and thus our new ventures began.

Our vision


The whole model of our business revolves around these two terms. We believe in driving digital solutions by leveraging the power of Technology and Innovative minds. But, the solution must be transparent to our clients and the quotes must be honest.

We perform a proper breakdown analysis of our client’s visions and requirements and decide the precise time requires for the completion of the entire project. Based on that, the price rate is determined (NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS) which is fully shared and explained to our clients.
Our aim is to change people’s lives with digital solutions while remaining honest and transparent.
  • If a client’s project idea does not match with his/her other crucial requirements, i.e. the budget and deadline, we discuss that upfront!

  • If we lack anything like workforce or project-specific knowledge and need some time to gather these elements, we discuss that upfront.

  • Only after the mutual acceptance of both parties, we begin our journey!

  • Our motto is to work as your digital partner and our vision is to serve you with the best without compromising the quality.

  • That's why our clients say; PiTangent shape dreams with Honesty and Transparency!

What we
do best
We begin the journey by listening to all your ideas, issues, and requirements. The entire vision is processed and a breakdown analysis is performed to give you the precise value for the entire project. A proper competitor and market research are performed to give your mobile or web application the touch of uniqueness. We follow the agile methodology and keep the entire service transparent to you.

To know about the entire process, you can check out the “Our Process” Section
People first
PiTangent is more than an IT hub for creating, sharing, and shaping digital ideas. It is the second home of PiTech’ers who have been working together for years. It a closely knit family who share more than just codes, designs, marketing, & sales ideas. We are a bunch of moms, dads, believers, creators, and a whole lot more. PiTangent is an entire community filled with free and open-minded people.
Our clients simply love
our work

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