A wide range of industries for which our Fitness
Application Development Service is provided
Gym Trainers

Managing a gym nowadays involves lots of work not because of the number of members. The increasing popularity of fitness among people is overcrowding the gyms which are also increasing other works like management, paperwork, etc. Our apps can manage all that extra work for you while you focus on other important matters.

Personal Trainer
Now manage your clients properly without messing or missing any appointments with our fitness applications. It has reminders and calendared notes to make you remain up to the mark according to your schedule.
Yoga Guru
The yoga session is becoming popular among the masses due to its immense benefits and suitability for every age group. Our application can manage your schedule, members, and other crucial tasks without overlapping anything.

The popularity of the dietician is making it very hard for them to manage clients. Preparing a proper diet chart is as important as following it. Through our application, you can manage various things like daily plans, diet charts, give live advice, etc.

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Exclusive features of our Fitness Application
Development Solutions

Workout Plans

You can build a workout plan according to your personalized schedule that works as per your requirements.

Video and Tutorial

Know about the correct workout postures and plans through the video and other means of tutorial from the application.

Chat with experts

Easily get connected and consult with reputed and professional nutritionists and trainers for keeping your workout on the right track.

Wearable integration

The geolocation-enabled applications give accurate and real-time information about your health and other body statuses.

Push notifications

Missing any activity or forgetting your daily workout schedule? The push notification will make you remember all such activities so that you can never miss the target.

Activity Tracking

Keep track of the activities that you perform like sleep cycle, heart rate, running, etc with the inbuilt activity tracking feature.

Reasons to choose PiTangent as your fitness
application development solution partner

Predictive analysis

The predictive analysis of our application helps in improving the employee engagement and productivity.

Ease of Use

A highly interactive and user-friendly application of ours is easy to use and saves a lot of time.

API development

Our highly customized apps have the ability to integrate with 3rd party APIs to produce better results.

Safety & Security

We give high priority to the safety and security features of the application for which we prioritize data encryption.

Technical support

Our efficient team is available at your service 24/7. Just ping us with your queries or issues and we will be at your services at the earliest possible.

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