Salon Booking Application

Give your customers the comfort they always seek for. Give them the option to book their appointment in the comfort of their home through the salon booking app.

Beauty Salon Application

Now your customers can avail different kinds of beauty services like beauty therapy, booking, etc through the customized app solutions web provide.

Salon Scheduling Software

The booking app will help you to manage and operate your salon properly and with ease as everything will be worked up in a scheduling manner giving you time to prepare and provide the best service.

Nail Salon Application

With our nail salon application, your customers can get an amazing experience of beautifully painting their nails with different art forms by selecting the design they want previously making the process fast.

Explore the wide range of Beauty Salon App Development Solutions that we provide

Our experts are suitable to work on various technologies to provide a varied customized beauty app solutions to our clients.

Hair Salon Application

Now your customers can enjoy their hair cut, hair spa, hair styling by the expert hairstylist at the ease of their home through the hair salon application.

Spa Delivery Application

Application development: With our spa delivery app development service, you can give your customers an option to avail themselves of the spa day in the comfort of their home at a flexible time.

Modern features to make your Salon App Development unique and expressive


Through the onboarding process, we make sure to capture the eyes of more viewers through social platforms and redirect them to signup in to the app. The process comprises an introduction, authentication, and verification process.

Booking history

There will be a booking history section that shows all the details about the past booking made by the clients. They can easily access the section to see who they have booked previously and choose to book that person easily again.

Service list and prices

There will be a list of all the services you provide on the app with their respective prices. So, your customers can choose the one that seems best according to their budget also.

Customized beauty packages

The application contains all the details about the different beauty packages that you provide. Your customers will have the option to choose the best one according to their requirements.

Calendar management

Most of the time, app users have to face lots of hassle to book a slot online due to the unavailability of the slot. So, we integrate a calendar with the application to show the available dates and slots that they can choose to book their appointments.

Push notification

There will be a push notification feature to make your customers aware of the new offers and services that you are launching and also remind them it’s time to get a haircut or spa. This will always keep the customers connected to your business.

Customer feedback

Through customer feedback, there is a way to generate more trust among your customers. They can give reviews about your quality service through the app which other potential customers will see. And it will automatically attract them to your service with such great reviews.

In-app payment

Now your customers do not need to carry cash for making the payment. We provide different payment gateways to make sure your customers get the best transparent payment option to pay.

Categorized Panel of Beaty Salon App Development

Why choose Pitangent for your Beauty Salon Application Development?

Work quality

Our developers make use of modern tech stacks to deliver the best and out-of-the-box beauty salon app development solutions to our clients while never missing the deadline given to them.

On-time delivery

We understand that in today’s rapidly changing market, every second counts. And missing a day of work means going behind hundreds of competitors. So, we make sure that no deadline is missed ever.

Results-oriented solutions

Our pre-planned salon app development solutions are developed to make sure immediate results by targeting potential customers and generating leads and high revenue within a shorter time span.

Quick support

It is not uncommon to face technical issues while working on such a high-demand platform. So, our support team is always ready to provide quick solutions to the problem you face with your application.

Source code authentication

We immediately transfer all the source codes to the client after the completion of the project so that they can make changes in the future if they want in their applications.

Cross-platform applications

Our cross-platform application development services are also available so you can run the application on various platforms without extra expenditure.

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