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Various Real-Estate
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Real-estate web apps

Our real-estate web apps are designed and developed to increase your digital presence as well as enhance the reach of your real estate business. The dynamic product display integrated with AI enhances the overall experience of the users.

Business Solutions

The custom real estate software solutions modernize the business process and help the real estate business learn and understand the market to get the best outcome through proper analysis.

Real Estate mobile apps

Now always remain connected with your customers and increase your business reach with our real estate mobile applications. The mobile apps are enriched with the features you require to perform proper business deals.

Online Property Booking

Our developed property booking apps give a platform to book various properties like rental houses, resorts, hotels, etc. to your customers. There are also various media and payment modes integrated with the app for a seamless booking experience.

Property Managing Application

The property management application will help you to manage all your properties in one place and provide a seamless experience. It will help you to perform various tasks related to your property management with fewer errors.

Lead handling solutions

Our developed real estate app solutions are integrated with various marketplaces to get referrals, websites, and social media accounts. You can collect and utilize those data to generate more leads.

Real-estate application development: A mode to
buy and sell properties in the real-time!

Exclusive real-estate app development solutions

360° view

The modern techs enable us to put a 360-degree view in the app. The users can view the property from all directions through the application without visiting anywhere. Also, there will be a blueprint to show the users how the property will look in real life making our real-estate application development company's solution unique.

Advanced search options

You can now give your users the option to select the best property according to their requirement through the advance search option of the app that provides filters, sorting options, etc.

Property listing

Now you have the option to list all your properties in a single database through the application from where your users can check the properties. So, no need to take them to individual properties for the site visits.

Push notifications

The push notification of the application will keep your users always informed about your services like offers, hot deals, etc. So, your business will be in front of their eyes enhancing the selling and brand value.

Payment integration

Through the payment gateways you can directly receive money from the tenants or an advance lump sum from a property owner without visiting the bank or anything making it highly convenient.

Online assessment

Based on some specific data related to the property, buyers can decide which property will be best for them after a proper online assessment feature is integrated into the application.

What special does Pitangent has to offer to the Real-estate app development company

True real-estate development

Hire Custom Real-Estate App Developers to design and develop something more than just conversion-friendly app designs. To achieve flawless designs, we follow multiple stages and take approval from clients before producing anything final. And there are multiple testing before the delivery.

Real-estate app consultation

The application that you bring to us as an idea is carefully listened to and understood by our experts. Then with a collaborative approach, we reach the final stage of development. This enables us to reach a unique app design every time.

Flexible hiring modes

We have many hiring models to meet the different needs of the clients. You can choose from any of those hiring modes that seem most suitable to you.

Maintenance and support

Our maintenance and support system is available 24/7. Just ping us and we will be at your service at the earliest possible. So, there is no need to face loss due to application glitches.

Project management

A specific project manager is assigned to a particular project. So, every delivery, testing, development, deployment, etc is carried out according to the plans without missing any deadlines. Also, he/she will be available to meet your queries.


Our real-estate application development company has team with diverse experience in working with various realtors, agents, and real-estate companies. So, we are able to provide our services to SMOs and even Enterprises.

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