Explore a whole new range of Sports App development Solutions with Pitangent
We develop sports applications that have various components and solutions for the end-users. Here are some of those listed solutions for you to know.

Sports coaching and training apps

The sports coaching and training apps are a new medium to get knowledge through various means like videos, writeups, experts, etc at the ease of their desired location without traveling to any specific field.

Sports streaming app solutions

One of our specialties is developing the live streaming app. We develop high-quality sports streaming apps that can run on high quality without facing load time issues.

On-demand sports coach app

Our application has on-demand sports coaches always available for your user's help. So, there is no need to wait for the next session to learn new anythings anymore.

IoT apps

All the data of a sportsperson is collected on a centralized system from wearable devices that can be utilized for better physical and mental improvement.

Sports event booking apps

The application has the potential to handle thousands of people in one place through proper management features in the app and at the same point in time can handle the event and ticket booking functions also.

Team & League management

Our sports team application has the potential to streamline the process of monitoring and managing the entire league and teams.

Our enterprise-grade Sports digital solutions
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Today, web and mobile applications have made everything simple for sports enthusiasts. From getting sports-related information about a match to watching the real-time sports, everything is possible with these applications. Our sports app consists of all these requirements of the people associated with the sports business.
Using cutting-edge technologies, Pitangent is developing sports app solutions for the sports industry for a decade now. Our high-end sports app has all the vital aspects required to take a sports business to the next level. Our strategic methodologies enable us to develop seamless designs and futuristic sports app solutions.
Our hand-picked digital solutions for the Sports
Industry integrated with Special Features

Live Streaming


Push Notification




Social Media Integration


Real-Time Scores Update


Augmented Reality


Communication Tools


Big Data


Carefully designed and integrated User and Admin Panel
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There can be a thousand companies around the world providing sports application development
services but there are some specific qualities that differentiate us from the masses.


Our developers work on the trending technologies and solutions to deliver highly secure, scalable, and new business solutions. This enables us to provide high customer satisfaction.


Integrity And

We respect the ideas and visions provided by our clients and involve them in each step of their project to get instant feedback and perform modifications if required.



We have a team of dedicated developers that will specifically work on your particular project. So, there is no need to worry about the deadlines. This is one of our way of maintaining high quality in each work.


Flexible Engagement

Instead of forcing our clients to choose a specific development service like others, we provide them with different hiring models. So, our clients have the option to choose the one that seems best to them.



All our services are available at highly competitive price rates. As you have the option to choose any hiring modules as per your budget and requirement.



Our agile methodology includes breaking the large projects into small milestones and delivering them one by one enables us to make the process faster and error-free.

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