PiTangent specializes in different Manufacturing
Application Development Services


Hire Custom Manufacturing App Developers to automate your entire manufacturing business operations and process to achieve an optimum level of efficiency.

Enhance information flow

Make sure your internal workflow and information sharing between the staff and departments remain uninterrupted and they are able to communicate, and share documents and ideas through a secured internal platform through our Single Store ERP solutions.

Reduce Operational Cost

We utilize various methodologies and modern techs to decrease the overall development cost as well as your operational costs making us industries most streamlined manufacturing application development company.

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Order & Inventory Management Software

We help our clients to streamline their entire orders and inventory management while increasing efficiency through the order and inventory application making us a top level manufacturing software development company.

Customer behavior analysis

Our manufacturing software developers build applications that are integrated with modern technologies like AI to identify your customer’s behavior and provide them with the exact products and solutions they are seeking by calculating various complex data.

Production planning and reporting solutions

Through our production planning and reporting solutions, the manufacturing companies can enhance production operations, capacity planning, and scheduling.

Smart Products

Hire custom manufacturing app developers from PiTangent to utilize modern techs like AI. The application can learn from app history by performing various data analyses and execute operations faster.

Third-party APIs

We also integrate various third-party APIs into the application if required or asked by our clients which saves a lot of time that can take while building an API from scratch.

Why Choose Pitangent as your manufacturing
application development company? 

Domain expertise

We have been working in the manufacturing domain for more than 2 decades now making us know every hook and nook of the industry. So, we can develop highly market standard and competitive applications for our clients.

Value-driven approach

Not only as a manufacturing application development company, but also we work with our clients as their development partners by assisting them in various aspects of their business value with integrity and consistency.

Modern Tech Stacks

All our development solutions are performed with modern tech stacks making the application future ready.

Maintenance and Support

Feel free to contact us anytime for any kind of support or modification related to your manufacturing application. We will be at your service at the earliest possible time.

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