Our Specially Designed Customized Fintech App Development Services!

Our deeply researched and reinvented methods of fintech app development services has
enabled us to produce unique fintech digital solution giving us a reputation of being one of
the best in the world market. This is what also makes one of the best fintech mobile app development company.

Wealth Management Software

The value of hard-earned wealth cannot be compared to anything. We understand that deeply and develop sophisticated solutions for managing the same. Our wealth management software will give your customers a path to track, manage, and grow their wealth making us one of the best fintech application development company.

Investment Solutions
A researched and deep understanding of the finance market enable our developers to create solutions that enable the end-users to manage various financial factors like portfolio values, insight into their investment, etc.
Digital Wallets

Our highly secured and safe digital wallets are used by thousands of users across the globe for transaction of money from banks and individuals through various payment modes like cards, UPI, etc. making us one of the most reliable fintech application development company.

Accounting software
The accounting software we develop for our clients has the capability to perform more than just regular transaction works. Your customers can also manage their liabilities, immovable assets, and cash assets through the application.
Fraud Prevention Mechanism

We understand the value of security in financial matters and the risks associated with it. So, our first approach in the developmental process is to ensure the complete safety of the domain and IP access. Users can get real-time profile and transaction data to monitor and check for any unusual activity making it a great financial app solution.

Lending & Mortgage Software

We have developed world-class complex lending and mortgage software for many fintech companies making us the top fintech application development company. There are some exclusive features integrated with the fintech application for your customer’s convenience like mortgage calculators, an automated advisory platform, etc.

Our developed Custom Fintech Application Solutions
follow all the Industry Compliances

In Pitangent, we provide 100% industry compliance applications to deliver high-end
software solutions to our clients business.

Our developed Custom Fintech Application Services
follow all the Industry Compliances

In Pitangent, we provide 100% industry compliance applications to delivery high-end
software solutions to our clients business.
(FinCEN) United States Department of the
Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
(CFPB) Central Finger
Print Bureau
(AUSTRAC) Australian Transaction
Reports and Analysis Centre
(FTC) Federal Trade
(FCA) Financial
Conduct Authority
(OFAC) Office of Foreign
Assets Control
(SEC) U.S. Securities
and Exchange Commission
(PSD2) revised payment
service directive
(FINTRAC) Financial Transactions and
Reports Analysis Centre of Canada
Our goal is to develop fintech application solutions that are fast, secure, and easily accessible
Here are some of the next-gen features that are integrated into the app for taking it to the next level.
Explore a whole new world of Fintech App Development Service with Pitangent
The development of the fintech apps requires multi-level work to create a feature and functionality enriched final product. To achieve that goal, we follow various methodologies that define us from the masses.

Client Engagement

We engage our clients through the entire development process to take feedback and make changes instantly if an error occurs. Our use of agile tools helps us to ensure a quality solution in the end.


When we are talking about such a high-value and sophisticated market like fintech, security cannot be compromised by any means. So, we make sure to follow the security and safety aspects in each step of development like data privacy protection, encrypted data transmission, etc.

Fintech Expertise Team

Our specialists fintech app developers build the application after multiple iterations. This gives results in developing the final product through innovative practices and deep fintech technologies. This makes a different fintech application development company among masses.

Agile Development Approach

Instead of focusing everything on the end product, we create short sprints. This enables us to deliver the project faster and with fewer errors. The entire development process is conducted through a secure process.

Hiring Module

We have 3 different modes of hiring modules for our clients. So, you have the option to choose the one that seems best according to your budget, business requirements, and project requirements.

Scalable Application

Our clients have the option to modify, change, or upgrade their fintech application as per the market requirement at any time in the later phase of development. So, you can compete in the future market with the same application without going through a whole new app development phase.

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