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Pitangent’s customized web and mobile agriculture application development solutions help the users
gain total visibility and control over their farming practices. Check out our exclusive agriculture app
development services here.

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Why it is important to have an
agriculture application?
To compete toe to toe with the current market and survive, it is important to utilize the offering of science and technology like other industries. It is proven that with the use of modern technology, prominent agricultural products can be achieved.
This will enhance the livelihood of the people associated with this sector. The application can educate and empower the farmers to learn better use of their raw materials, irrigation process, etc., and yield not only to meet their daily needs but to live a standard life.

Top app features of our Agriculture
app development

Top Features of the Agriculture app development
services for the farmers

The modern technology has made many new things possible for the agriculture sector. With
the implementation of proper features in the application, we are giving those opportunities to
our clients. Learn about those exclusive features here.

Individual login

There is a login screen through which each farmer can get into their dashboard and use the application separately. The account login is very simple for the farmers to use. Just a name, photo, and basic details, and the account is ready.

Product request

Your customers can directly put the product details and order the agricultural product as per their requirement and that will be delivered as the application is connected to the marketplace.

Inventory management

Never miss any of the inventory items anymore with the inventory management system. All the details about the seeds, fertilizers, equipment, etc will be in the application. The alert feature will update you previously if any item is going to be out of stock soon. So, you will never be out of goods.

Push notifications

The push notification feature of the application will alert you about upcoming weather changes, market price dips, new news, etc as it will be integrated with many other features.

Analytical data

Through the application, it is possible to monitor and tally all the data about the soil and crops and utilize this to improve the condition of the crops for more productivity.

Expert advice

The agriculture applications are integrated with a call to action button and many other communication modes. Through that feature of the application, your customers/farmers can talk with the experts to get ideas and help with the new agricultural methodologies.

Why choose PItangent as
your Agriculture application
development partner?
Probably there are many IT companies out there providing agriculture software development. But, Pitangent is a name for trust and honesty. We always try to give something back to society through our work. Here are some of the prime reasons for farmers’ trust in Pitangent for agriculture application development solutions.

Modern technologies

We use a modern tech-stack for the development of our agricultural applications. Even futuristic technologies like AI, IoT, etc have been integrated with the application to provide the optimum results to the end-users.

Scalable designs

No need to worry about the development of new agricultural applications in the future as our developed applications have to potential to be integrated and modified in the future.

Competitive prices

Our prime focus while serving such an important as well as the marginalized sector of society is to make the service approachable to everyone. So, we provide our agriculture development service at the most competitive price rates in the market.


There is no need to go through the hassle of hiring an entire development team or looking for a new one for any modification, update, or issue in the application. Pitangent works as a digital partner to its clients and provides maintenance support services and the most competitive rates.

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