Smart Farming with Pitangent:
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Land mapping and GPS software
Our developers integrate the GPS and GIS technologies with the applications to get accurate data about the land for irrigation and farming.
Precision agriculture management
Our integration of various advanced technologies like harvesting and crop management modules, and decision support systems enhance the operational value.
Farm inventory management
Our implementation of the barcodes, serial number ID scanners, and other GIS technologies give maximum visibility to the inventory.
Livestock breeding software
Our livestock breeding software consists of all important features like gestation period tracking, genealogy & lineage, etc. including the livestock auction system.
Cattle management software
Our carefully engineered live cattle management software includes forecast stocking rates, generating reports, performing planned grazing, etc.
Feed mill automation
We build feed mill automation software to generate data about the nutritional intake of the cattle, optimize the ranch, etc. to keep the livestock healthy and disease-free for optimum productivity.
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