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The most respected place among different age groups if asked will be considered as an educational organization that comes second to none. The schools are the worship places where the heroes of future generations acquire their training and skills to change the world. You can simply consider schools a prime pillar of society where growth and development reside. But, what happens when these schools which are known to solve problems face problems themselves? It will definitely shake the pillar of society and create obstacles on the road to growth for students.
The most common problem that schools face is the management of official documents and processes. A teacher can only freely teach the students if they are exempted from other hassled works like management.
To eliminate such hassled work from the schools and give the teachers full freedom to concentrate on teaching, TeachersInTouch is developed. This is the kind of project that PiTangent always seeks as it gave us an opportunity to serve society.

The client's initial demand is to build an application with features like managing different kinds of paperwork, class schedule, attendance, etc. But, as the development phase progressed and the client watched the way development is taking place, lots of changes and modifications are made in the later phase for good. Various new features have been added to the application during the later phase.

Demand of
the client

1.   One super admin who will manage everything.
2.   Individual registration of a teacher in a school
3.   Teacher’s access to manage his/her students and everyday activity (Initially the teacher will get a 30-day free trial to do everything. After 30 days trial, the teacher must take a paid subscription to continue).
4.   School admin access (add their teachers and provide them with credentials to log in and do the same as an individual teacher)
5.   Super admin access to add schools and their teachers (manage everything)


The TeacherInTouch is a pre-built application whose codebase is written by some other development team before it reached us. So, understanding the previously present codebase and architecture while working on it parallelly without missing the deadline became quite a challenge. Also, there were some light challenges faced in the later phase while implementing the modifications. But, we are proud to say that we have overcome it all and built an exceptional application.

Teacher side 1

  1. Add/edit students and manage their profiles by the teacher. Create different strategies/plans as per the student's ability and execute them.
  2. Paperwork like student reports based on their learning ability(reading, writing, etc.), behavior (in a class), academic record, attendance, and many more, make the printed version of the report and send them over email to their parent/guardians.
  3. Add and schedule a class as per the subject of the teacher, assign students to the class, and take daily attendance and comments.
  4. Write daily events/logs based on students' activity/quality, behavior either positive or negative in a class towards other students and teachers and send an email, chat, or SMS to their parent/guardians.
  5. Report on communication between teacher-student and parent/guardians, attendance, academic, behavior, and different paperwork activity with an option for print and download.
  6. Student culture is based on different attributes like academics, activity in the class, achievement, participation in different events, and accordingly award/subtract points.

School Admin 2

  1. Manage teachers.
  2. Summary of all teacher's activity, analysis and generate/view report using graph/chart.

School Admin 3

  1. Manage schools and their teachers, individual teachers.
  2. Manage subscriptions/subscribers

The technology

Laravel 5.2


Angular JS

Final result

TeachersInTouch has become one of the most sought-after school management software in the UK right now. We feel really proud to say that our client has been able to utilize the application to its full potential and grow his business. The schools in the UK go for TeachersInTouch whenever they need a school management system.

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