Digital Transformation: The Success Story That Helps To Grow The Beauty And Salon Industry

In 2020, the cosmetics market was the third largest in the UK. It has a retail sales value of 8.7 million euros. Also, the customers’ affinity towards the beauty salon industry was notable. From influencer marketing to moving digitalized platforms, engagement is the critical factor that drives more customers.

Yes, digital transformation works. Even, it worked mellifluously to outperform the competitors.

We’ve some excellent news for you. Suppose you’re running a salon or selling beauty products through an e-commerce website. The overwhelming fact is that it has taken a sharp turn to become a $160 billion industry. Also, experts have forecasted it will grow by 5.5% over the coming years. However, the waxing and waning situation of COVID may affect the growth curve.

According to a UK homemaker, “During the first and second wave of COVID, I was quite baffled with the thought of getting the beauty products. I ordered the products online because the nearest brick-and-mortar stores were closed due to strict lockdown. Not only me but there are also many women out there who have placed orders online.”

Online shopping for beauty products is the only option. Still, it fits into the parameters of isolation and social distancing. Digital transformation is considered a boon, and its impact is widespread. The digital footprint is here to stay with its plethora of benefits, from various salon software developments to beauty app developments.

How has COVID impacted the beauty and salon industry?

Initially, the first and second waves of COVID swayed away the Salon and beauty industry. However, with the vaccines and related medicines of COVID, people started assessing the situation. Once the problem was under control, the salons and beauty industry had new hope of returning to normal.

Whatsoever, the scenario is different from the expected ones. Close physical proximity and salon work go hand to hand. People are still a bit hesitant to allow the same. Customers wanted to replace the salon services with at-home treatments and were more engrossed in utilizing the digitization of the salon and beauty industry.

The E-commerce industry is the bedrock of earning more significant revenue after COVID. The same is true for SalonSalon and the cosmetic industry in the UK. According to Global Data, the market of UK cosmetics eCommerce has surged 42%. It also claimed that eCommerce represented 14% of the cosmetics industry. It leads to making the same second-largest channel after supermarkets and hypermarkets.

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What changes should consumers expect?

  • Implementation of minimum touch model while visiting a salon.
  • Only pre-booking facilities manage the higher number of footfalls.
  • Need to show the consumers’ health records and the vaccination proof to avoid any contamination.

What should the business owners expect?

  • Maybe less footfall due to the ongoing situation of COVID
  • As consumers are bending toward digitization and online orders, salon owners must translate their business online. With the proper catalogs, they can generate more revenue, ultimately skyrocketing their business.
  • Should plan other post-recovery business changes that can mitigate future consequences.

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Challenges that you would face while running a salon or beauty store during COVID

Yes, its true digital transformation helps to fuel the growth of the beauty and salon industry. However, the challenges also created a hindrance to the consistent flow. Business owners must maintain everything from staff training to payroll management to ensure steady growth.

1. Management of staff

You cannot undermine the labor of your staff. They’re the only ones who work diligently to help you earn more revenue. Be it your beauty business or a salon. It would help if you discussed with your employees’ equal task delegation. Some may work with you on-site, while others may need to visit the customer’s home personally.

This could be daunting for you to manage the staff and face the customers simultaneously. In turn, it may have an effect directly on your business.

2. Distortion of prices

Everybody is trying their best to win the market in this cut-throat competition. It can be either persuading the audience digitally or using word-of-mouth of the existing customers. New salons can offer their services at a slashed price. Therefore, it would pose a severe threat to your business.

3. Absence of right products

For specific products, your customers may visit your SalonSalon. Similarly, customers can also ask for particular beauty products if you have a beauty products business. It may not be feasible to stock up on the demanding products, as your pocket may not permit you to do the same. Therefore, you may lose potential customers.

4. Consistent income

After the devastating results of COVID, people are spending bucks reasonably. It leads them to make robust decisions before buying any product/service. Whether this is considered “being economical” can also pose a severe issue for the Salon and beauty industry.

Consumers who spent $100 before are paying $70 for the same service. This creates more competition and the demand for more quality products at a lower price.

Digital solutions that help the brands to cope with ongoing issues

With the burgeoning technology and its implications, brands can reap the benefits of business revenue, upsell, customer retention, etc. When it comes to the salon and beauty industry, a digital solution can make the things like a cakewalk.

1. Advanced hair brushes

These brushes contain a sensor to measure and record the pressure on a client’s head. It also has a gyroscope and accelerometer, which can analyze the speed of the expert’s hand. Additionally, a microphone is there to magnify the sound during combing.

2. Virtual imaging applications

It may happen that the client isn’t sure about the styling they want. With salon makeover applications, you can quickly sort it out. Virtual imaging will allow you to try different hairstyles/colors virtually before you apply the same.

3. Online scheduling method

COVID has already shown its destructive nature. Social distance and wearing a mask are the main remedies to protect ourselves. On that note, a scheduling application that allows online seat booking would help to book salon seats accordingly. It can eliminate the manual procedure of physically visiting the store before booking a seat. Customers will also know how many seats are available on which day. Accordingly, they can hatch up on their next steps.

4. Smart skincare

With this technology, you can evaluate the customers’ skin. Also, it gives you recommendations and tips to treat your client accordingly. For optimal results, smart skincare is the best option one can avail.

5. Mobile application development

With the increasing number of smartphone selling units and its users, application-driven work is helping the salon and beauty industry to evaluate and finish the work within time. Also, the applications are integrated with advanced technologies that help work accordingly per clients’ choice.

6. Client management tool

While you’re doing business, the consumers are like god to you. On that note, the client management tool plays a pivotal role in managing things smoothly. From a loyalty program to setting a time for an appointment, you can do everything that augments the flow of your business.

Top leaders who adopted digital transformation

  1. Treatwell– It’s one of the booking platforms in Europe to arrange beauty and hair treatments. With a team of 600+ members, it’s striving now and then to give the consumers a better salon booking experience.
  2. Rugby– It’s one of the best beauty services providers, which is too direct to your door. Browse, Select, Book, Enjoy- these are the most straightforward options consumers need to do for a relaxing and detoxifying treatment straight to their home.
  3. Le Salon– On Le Salon, you can find some of the greatest mobile beauticians in London offering professional, hygienic, and long-lasting beauty services. Their therapists have Covid-19 Hygiene Training, which helps create a safer and cozier setting than one you might find at a salon.
  4. My beauty squad- You want to feel your best before a big occasion. Thanks to the skilled makeup artists and hair stylists on My Beauty Squad, you can look post-lockdown ready. Additionally, they provide manicures and body treatments.

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