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Pitangent always has a goal to provide something back to the society that gives us so much. The selection of the VirtualEMDR project is based on this goal of ours. When Mr. Jeff first came to us with his project ideas at that moment we understood that this is the kind of challenge we look for.
His idea is to build something for the emotionally disturbed section of society as he himself used to be a victim that found relief from EMDR therapy. He wants to build an online platform that provides online behavioral health resources for individuals struggling with depression, trauma, anxiety, fear, PTSD, and addiction. The methods will be customized and unique according to the requirement of each individual. The platform is supposed to be built with the help of expert therapists to achieve zero mistakes. Honestly speaking, this is kind of new for us and even for our clients. But, the motive is something that we cannot risk losing as it is one of a kind project. So, we assured the client that all his demands will be fulfilled to the utmost. He wants to be part of the team as it is a sophisticated service which we happily accepted. And we are proud to say that together we are able to help lots of people with the final product.

to conquer

Every project comes with its own set of obstacles. In VirtualEMDR, the main obstacle that we and even the client faced is the service being provided virtually. Yes, you have heard it right. Let me explain.
Mental or Psychotherapy is not the kind of service that everyone wants to discuss openly or let others know about. So, taking the service online means letting everyone knows about your secret. At least this is what most people in our society think. So, we have to build an app that not only helps people but provides them with a safe space completely of their own. Thanks to our professional developers we are able to build an application with such potential.

Functionality / achievements

A collaborative effort of our developers and the clients help us to build an application that is as effective in service virtually as it is in person. With VirtualEMDR sessions, a person can get the full treatment in the comfort of their home. And this is the best privacy anyone can get while looking for a service like psychotherapy. The best feature of this service is, that the EMDR equipment will be in the user's home and controlled by the user with instruction from the therapist.
We are proud to say that all these complex mechanisms of coding are successfully established and implemented by our expert developers.

The technology

Node Socket



AWS Text to Speech

AWS Speech to Text

Final Product

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is psychotherapy designed for emotionally distressed people. It helps to heal the symptoms and distresses resulting from disturbing life experiences.
The application’s interface is easily understandable and accessible as stated by users. All the sections are properly arranged to give users a customized and personalized feeling. We take pride to say that since the launching of this app, it has been able to fulfill its duty properly and generate good revenue for the client. So, it will not be false to say that all the goals have been achieved.

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