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VLAPP stands for “Vaste Lasten App” which is Dutch for Fixed Charges App. The situation in which the current account managers are right now regarding their contracts management is fully haphazard. They do not have a proper platform to get an overview of their client’s contract, contract types, contract companies, and contract dates. Actually, what they need is a platform where the account managers can add clients, add contracts per client, and have all the information available at their fingertips.

The platform should have the capability to answer the following questions:

1. Which client is missing a contract?
2. When is my contract expiring?
3. At what contractor company client X has a contract?

At this point, PiTangent role came into play. We have built an application for VLapp that fulfills all the above criteria. The solutions have been achieved while maintaining all the technicalities

to overcome

The entire project development was smooth except for two things; the API & Email. There was no mature API and organized document available. So, we have to break the entire API response into small steps and understand it on our own without any support. There are stages in the development process when the APIs didn’t work as we expected and have to set up multiple calls with the API support team. This helped us to understand the wrongdoings in the API and the way to handle them for implementation in our application.

The setting up of the filter in the Email server based on email subject and keywords has another level of complexity that we conquered in the later part.

Functionalities / what we achieved

User: There is one type of user for the VLAPP platform; the account manager. From now on the account manager is called the user.

Clients: Clients are the persons within the account manager system where the user has a contract overview. Clients themselves have no access to VLAPP.

Contractor company: View all clients that have a contract at that specific contractor company and view the government identification PDF per client. This is a must because the contractor companies need to verify the clients.

Admin: Admin must have the same rights as all users have together. Admin must have access to all clients of all users and have the same editor rights.

The system contains the following functionalities:


• users can create an account.
• users can retrieve lost passwords
• users can change their passwords


• users can Add clients manually
• users can add clients via bulk (CSV import)
• users can remove clients
• users can edit client information

Contracts (per client)

• users can add contacts on the client level
• users can see which contracts are scored and which not


• users need to be whitelisted through IP
• users can chat through a built-in chatting system

The technology

Laravel 5.2


Angular JS 7


The VLapp application has been launched after passing through multiple testing phases from our and client’s end both. We are proud to say that the application is running perfectly as per the client’s demand. It is handling the client’s large user base while maintaining productivity. The application is open for future up-gradation which is a next-level thing.

But, for now, we are getting positive feedback from the client meaning we are able to deliver our task successfully.

This is how PiTangent has bagged another success story in its hall of fame.

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