Custom Web-App Development: A Must Tool For boosting Agriculture Sector

Today we live in a complex world of digitalization. No area created by mankind has been left untouched by the effects of technology. From Finance to Health to Education To Logistics to Law, everywhere we can see the magical implications of Digital Technology. The recent addition to the list is Agriculture!!!

Many of us will be surprised to know that the entire agriculture sector all over the world has been now digitized to a larger extent, especially in developed countries. Western countries like the USA, UK, EU, and even countries like ISRAEL, and AUSTRALIA have largely implemented Artificial Intelligence-led precision farming techniques in their agricultural practices. Using such AI-based customized web app development, farmers in these regions have been able to drastically increase crop productivity and better manage their entire farming operation.

Developing countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Srilanka are slowly adopting and using such apps for better farming but still it is at the infancy stage over there. Agriculture being the mainstay of the economy of these countries, there is vast potential for large-scale adoption of customized agriculture web and mobile app development among the farmers. Governments are working hard here in this context to get farmers aware of the benefits of using such apps and more importantly how to handle it with ease.

Numerous Applications Of Custom Web App Development For Increased Agricultural Productivity – Certainly The Biggest Boon Of Technology:

i. Crop Status Tracking Web Apps Development:

Artificial Intelligence-based Crop Status Tracking Web App development comes along with sensor technology which is basically a tracking tool. It closely monitors the current health status of the crops, analyzing uncertain weather patterns, soil quality, and Soil PH condition, and provides solutions like which time is ideal for planting seeds, harvesting crops, and having soil replacement in a crisis situation. It is highly beneficial to farmers as it helps in reducing agricultural wastages, drainage, and runoff problem and helps in yielding productivity increasing the farmer’s income.

ii. Livestock Health Monitoring:

Livestock Health Monitoring web app development constantly keeps checking the health conditions of the herds and helps in differentiating the ill livestock from the rest ones. Thus precautionary steps can be taken before any malady could take place. AI-based customized web app development applications have hugely beneficial effects, especially in Dairy Farming Industry.

iii. Customized Web-Based Smart Farming System Applications:

There are a lot of agriculture-related web pages available online these days for the benefit of the farmers. From here farmers get important agriculture-related information. From where and how to source quality seeds at the cheapest prices and how to plant them. How to do proper farming in the right soil conditions along with proper irrigation facility checking and keeping the right climatic conditions in mind. Finally, how to properly harvest the crops and where to sell them for generating maximum profit removing the involvement of middlemen. Just clicking through a page, a farmer can get such a handful amount of useful information for smart farming. Large IT companies are developing such customized web app development applications keeping in mind the specific requirements of the farmers.

iv. Tractor Status Monitoring Mobile Apps:

Tractor Status Monitoring Apps are another unique application of Customized Web App Application Development. Sensors and IoT devices combined with web apps capture data related to how the tractors properly tilt the farm field or not. It also helps in weed management and harvesting crops.

v. Seed Management Apps and Drone Technology:

Customized Seed Management Web Apps provide useful information regarding how to avail, store and plant quality seeds in a cost-effective way and in a scientific manner for increased productivity.

Drone Technology is the latest addition in this direction. It is basically a robotic technology employed over here. Using customized web app development applications infused with this technology, farmers can monitor the movements of these drones or robots remotely whether it is properly harvesting the crops or not. It also reduces the requirements of excess manpower by cutting operational costs.

vi. Agricultural Credit Facility and Transparent Payment Gateway Apps:

Customized finance-related apps provide useful information and web platforms development applications like the availability of cheap credit, the right places to sell the final agriculture products, and transparent payment systems which are crucial and essential for the farmers to arrange for and do farming properly, to market, sell produces at the right market price(MRP), and get their fair remuneration directly into their bank account without any fault. It simply makes the farmers’ life easy.

Final Points:

The agricultural sector is almost 1.10 trillion dollars making sector worldwide just standing today making it one of the largest revenue-making industries all over the world. It also provides more than 5% of the world’s total product output. Needless to say, Customized web app development applications are creating a huge revolution in the entire world agriculture community. Mankind has already witnessed the real benefits of it. Still, there is a long way to go about this. On this note, Governments from many countries especially from the third world are working actively in association with private companies as well to spread more technological awareness among the farmers to adopt this technology for green farming to reap the real benefits of this and easy availability of agriculture loans and increased internet penetration in the rural sector will definitely encourage the farmers to avail uses of customized agriculture web and app development applications which is really a blessing of technology. Believe it or not!!!